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Food & Vitamins

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Watchman Supply is proud to partner with a nutrition company to bring you the best in nutritional Supplements. 
Vitamins and supplements are a personal choice.  And everyone gets to choose what they feel is best for them... We have researched and tested many different brands and found, in our opinion, the most effective.

Yes, you will have to sign up as a client to the company... but sign up is free... and they really are the best we have found!


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Daily Build

One of the most absorbable multivitamins we have discovered so far!


Organic Sulfur

An often overlooked supplement that is important every day!!!



Nature's natural powerhouses available in a bottle!!!

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Watchman Supply is proud to partner with premium suppliers of survival food.  25+ year storage options in both organic and non-organic, these companies have the long term food storage options that can set your family apart from the unprepared.