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Image by Elaine Tu

Survival Kits

Image by Brad Barmore


Whether you are a survivalist, a camping enthusiast, or thinking of disaster preparedness… The Watchman Supply Survival Kits are filled with TESTED, high quality materials and equipment designed to answer three questions: If you had 10 minutes to get out of your house, what would you need?

What would you need to survive, and travel?

And what if you needed to survive and travel for a week?

Easily grabbed on your way out the door, or stored in a vehicle, these kits answer those three questions with everything you would need… and some extra for comfort. Easily adaptable for seasonal change, the different kits available fit a range of environments and situations. From having a vehicle, to moving through the city, to surviving in the wilderness.


Wondering what comes in each kit? Your Survival Kit List is the Ultimate Resource. 
You will receive the purchase price back as a credit towards the purchase of a 
Watchman Supply Survival Kit, or you can use the list to assemble your own kit. 


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