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Hourly Rates & Premium Packages


Brad Harmsworth is the founder of 
Watchman Supply Company.  His vision and mission is to provide families with the right information and resources to leave a legacy and withstand any catastrophe or disaster. 

He provides private consulting to clients

in the form of hourly consulting

 and premium consulting packages.

Consulting Services

  • A free, 15 min consultation to figure out how we might best help you.

    15 min

  • One hour of strategy and planning tailored to you & your needs.

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
  • Private consultation Bundle (8 sessions)

    1 hr

    800 US dollars
  • 3 consultations, 1 hour each. Not for the faint of heart.

    3 hr

    1,500 US dollars
  • Two day personal/family protection training

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    450 US dollars
  • 9 day intensive retreat for men.

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    99 hr 59 min

    11,000 US dollars
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